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R. M. Competition Carburetors;

(custom modified for specific racing).

Over 45+ years of Custom Modifying Carburetors

Over 30+ years of Building Custom Carburetors using available parts

The carbs we do have no markings from us anywhere so, unless you are the original customer, there is no way to trace it.

Our customers like it that way...


From slightly changed to aggressively altered or built from scratch, 99% of the time, a carburetor modified by us, specifically for your particular engine combination and vehicle intent, will go faster, pull harder, climb better; all with a greater degree of drivability ... our repeat customers are our best testament.

Please call us to get a quote for your application ...!  

1 (586) 909-1591

These are all standard FILE photos, as ALL carburetors we build or modify are "CUSTOM" for your specific application...!

A number of NHRA Super Stock QuadreJet and ThermoQuad racers keep us kinda secretive; just keep going fast guys...!