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R. M. Competition Carburetors;

(custom modified for specific racing).

Over 40 years of Custom Modifying Carburetors

Over 25 years of Building Custom Carburetors using available parts


From slightly changed to aggressively altered, 99% of the time, a carburetor modified by us, specifically for your particular engine combination and vehicle intent, will go faster, pull harder, climb better; all with a greater degree of drivability ... our repeat customers are our best testament.

Please call us to get a quote for your application ...!  

1 (586) 909-1591

These are all standard FILE photos, as ALL carburetors we build or modify are "CUSTOM" for your specific application...!

A number of NHRA Super Stock QuadreJet and ThermoQuad racers keep us kinda secretive; just keep going fast guys...!