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R. M. COMPETITION cylinder head service 

 Please ask for Quote On All your cylinder Head Needs !!

Custom port development on just about any brand and type head.


Hand  PORTING of many customer's own heads is also available upon request...!

We have developed model CNC ports for:

 1. Aluminum FRPP SCJ "Kaase" heads; (NEW heads only).

 1a. "Kaase" P-51 heads; not the chambers, (2 different intake programs).

 2. Aluminum FRPP A429 CJ heads

 3. B.B. FORD "LATE" Blue Thunder heads; with B.B. Chevy exhaust flange

      Raised Ford exhaust port BT heads have the same intake port design only; hand porting exh. is necessary

 4. FORD "Cleveland" 4 barrel iron heads; (requires exhaust brazing)

 5.  Trick Flow, Ford Windsor "High Port" S.B. Ford heads

 6.  Edelbrock "Victor Jr." type S.B. Ford heads

 7.  Edelbrock B.B. MOPAR Performer RPM heads and similar "B" & "RB" heads

     Max Wedge flange entry size intake port is available on iron 906/915 heads as well

 8.  S.B. Mopar "Performer RPM" style and MOPAR PERF. heads.

 9.  B.B. MOPAR "VICTOR" heads and  similar "B" & "RB" heads 

10. S.B. CHEVY 23° Edelbrock "Raised Runner" Pro-Port heads

11. B.B. CHEVY factory cast iron OVAL port heads

12. B.B. Ford A460 type heads

13. B.B. Ford 460 passenger car EXHAUSTports

14. LS1 type aluminum factory OEM heads; Cathedral & Rectangle

15. Edelbrock "Ford Windsor" Performer RPM heads + chambers

16. 1957-1966 Plymouth "POLY" 277/318 iron production heads

"IN HOUSE" prepared offshore aluminum big block Ford head no longer available.

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Photo of a developed FRPP Aluminum Ford SCJ intake port for a 434 cubic inch engine: before sending it to be CNC digitizing.